Handmade Book

My thing is not so much a precious object but what the object stands for. It’s a handmade book, made from old library ti

Copper Kettle

  This copper kettle is the same age as me as it was bought on the day that I was born by my granny.  She had seen it in a s

Fisherman’s Basket

Right this is a wee fisherman’s basket. It’s been glued together – I must have been terrible when I was litt

Glass Slipper

This glass slipper belonged to my Great Great Great Grandmother and it is handed down on the night before your wedding day to

Porky Pig

Porky Pig used to stay at my Grannies. And we would fill it with 2ps because my granny didn’t have a telephone so when w

Piggy Bank

My precious thing is a Nat West Piggy Bank. The baby piggy bank was called Woody and was part of a family that you collected a

Stone Wrapped in Metal

My object was found on a spit of gravel out in the bay between Banff and Macduff while out on an adventure jet skiing with thr

Wooden Tortoise

My object comes from Sudan in North East Africa. The tortoise is approximately 60 years old and was bought near the town of Kh

Nik Naks

These I got from my Mum’s next door neighbour when I was about six years old. She had collected them when she was younge

Kangaroo, SWRI Plate and Badge

This is my kangaroo. I lost my Mum last year so you know, when it comes to tidying out things in the house and all the rest of

Toothbrush Pot

This blue and white pot belonged to my granny. It’s chipped, it’s cracked right through. I don’t know how ol


Barbara Irvine, my Granny, did this in school. It was never used, it was just there. And my mother obviously got it when my gr