Stone Wrapped in Metal

My object was found on a spit of gravel out in the bay between Banff and Macduff while out on an adventure jet skiing with thr

Wooden Tortoise

My object comes from Sudan in North East Africa. The tortoise is approximately 60 years old and was bought near the town of Kh

Nik Naks

These I got from my Mum’s next door neighbour when I was about six years old. She had collected them when she was younge

Kangaroo, SWRI Plate and Badge

This is my kangaroo. I lost my Mum last year so you know, when it comes to tidying out things in the house and all the rest of

Toothbrush Pot

This blue and white pot belonged to my granny. It’s chipped, it’s cracked right through. I don’t know how ol


Barbara Irvine, my Granny, did this in school. It was never used, it was just there. And my mother obviously got it when my gr

Gold Bangle

My bangle was commissioned for my 50th birthday. I’d always admired Malcolm Appleby’s work down at the wee boorach

Father’s Day Picture

(Dad) This arrived from my daughter one day. I just couldn’t think of nothing nicer in the whole world if your daughter

Silver Box

This is a silver box that I got from my granny. Her name was Jane Smith and the initials JS are on the top. My dad, Willie Smi

Coronation Medal & Mug

I got this medal in 1953 when I was 6 months old, when the Queen was crowned. My Mum and Dad were given this medal, the mug an

Brose Cap

Well it’s just a Brose Cap. It’s over 100 years old. My father had it when he was feed. The last time he was feed


I really don’t know much about the kettle/teapot except that it was always in my grandparents house and it sat on the si